Friday, April 9, 2010

Time for a GIVEAWAY!!!!

So this time the giveaway isn't to promote UDS1, it is to promote UDS1's baby boy! Haha, yes, our local radio station is having a contest for Calgary's cutest kid and naturally (as every mother does) I think mine should win! So, that's the "WHY" I'm doing a giveaway and now here's the rest:

WHAT - So this time I figured I should probably do something kinda big (and I'm clearly in contest and prize mode)... so here's the GRAND PRIZE!
  1. A custom blog design complete with header, background, favicon, signature, sidebar titles, blog button and links to twitter/FB whatever.
  2. A free Business card or Mommy Card design with 20 free cards (business card with your info on it and "mommy of..."
  3. A free logo design to go with said Business or Mommy card
  4. AAAAAAAND A Free photo card design (to be used now or hold off 'til Christmas... whatevs!)
Now THAT'S A Giveaway!

HOW- You can do any one (or a combination to get more entries) of the following:
  1. Join the Vote for Nixon Facebook group and vote for him of course
  2. Blog about his entry and share this link:
  3. Tweet about his entry and share the above link and vote
  4. Post the link in your FB Status and vote
  5. Invite a friend and if they join or do one of the above you both get an entry!
  6. This one is based on the honor system as I have no way to prove that you did it or not but go onto said link and vote for him each day (or almost each day if you can't quite do it).
Now just make sure you come back here and tell me what you did and I'll make sure you get an entry!

Just look at how cute he is!

WHEN - Now since the top 20 finalists will be announced on Friday April 23rd, if he for some crazy reason does not make this, I will do the draw then, otherwise the draw will take place when the contest is over on May 3rd.

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  1. GO NIXON GO!!!!!!! ill vote every day cute lil stink!